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The P.H.A.T. (Pretty Hot & Tasty) Spice blend was a concept that Sushi and Farhan came up with together. The flavors included in the mixture are a blend of herbs and spices that span regions from Indonesia to Pakistan. We originally passed this mixture out to our friends and family as a wedding gift. The feedback was tremendous, and so P.H.A.T. spice was born.


Spice up your life!

Use P.H.A.T. spice in almost any way with preparing food. Don't worry if you are not too well versed in cooking you can use it just as a seasoning salt on popcorn or even nachos. For cooking, grilling, or baking it's great with any protein like chicken, fish, or lamb. Sprinkle some on as a dry rub or even as a base for curries. For more ideas and recipes be sure to checkout our blog. Don't forget to come back and add your own ideas there. 


Happy cooking, eating, and living!


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For now you can order individual bottles here. For bulk orders, or for sizes larger than 3.5 oz bottles please just email us using the contact form below to let us know how much spice you are trying to order.

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